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Helen didn’t grow up in the outdoors, and in fact, never quite understood why her wife kept suggesting they went for a walk, she just couldn’t see the point. 


Now, Helen lives for the outdoors. Hiking, camping, wild swimming, basically anything that gets her in the fresh air and covered in mud.

Helen lives in West Wales and has over ten years’ experience working with young people and adults both in the UK and overseas. 


She loves sharing her passion and excitement for the outdoors with others, especially with those who are underrepresented in outdoor spaces or feel they may not belong outdoors (she knows this is utter rubbish and that everyone belongs outdoors) 

Helen is experienced and / or qualified in lowland walking, navigation and outdoor first aid.


Chris is a firm believer that the outdoors is for everyone and can be a huge benefit both physically and mentally for anyone, regardless of ability or experience.

This belief has been strengthened through his own enjoyment of being outside but also seeing the same in others, especially those who felt the outdoors wasn't for them.

Chris lives in South Wales and squeezes in some hill walking, trail running and surfing around family life and work.

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