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Funded Partnerships

By partnering with community and third sector organisatons and secruing funding we are able to  offer low and zerp cost sessions specifically for people who are underrepresented in the outdoors.
We aim to move people, regardless of background or experience, towards confidently enjoying the outdoors, being role models for their peers and future generations as well understanding the need to look after the natural environment.
No two partnerships are the same, below gives a flavour of the type of sessions available.

If you are part of a organisation or community group and would like to talk about partnership working please


Let's get ready 

Assess - explore the group's needs, including outdoor knowledge, general fitness and experience level. 

Need - talk about what should we take with us into the outdoors and why we need it 

Know - discuss how we keep safe, understand the weather and who should we share our plans with 

How to be outdoors


Respect. Introducing the Countryside Code and Leave no Trace to enjoy the outdoors responsibly.


Protect. Adopting a positive approach to minimise our impact on the environment, 

littering, erosion and climate change.


Enjoy. Safely challenging ourselves to be outside our normal environment and how to enjoy the change.


You can do it 

For all. Understanding why many don't access the outdoors and what can be done to overcome this. 

Local. Keeping it simple, staying local and minimising cost to make the outdoors more accessible more often.


Confident. Building on learning and experience to feel confident being outdoors. 

Expanding skill 

Learn. Ways to walk mindfully and focus on getting the best out of time in the outdoors. 

Practice. Focus on sights, sounds, feel, breathing. Being present. 

Understand. Why the outdoors is good for us and how it impacts us physically and mentally 


Celebrate and sustain


Team. Developing personal skills. Respect, communication and decision making. Celebrate what the group have achieved 

Lead. Take the opportunity to lead a section of walk. How do you feel, what would you need to take it further 

Legacy. Make links with organisations and groups that support the the group to continue accessing the outdoors 

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