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Top tips for being outdoors in wet weather

I'm a firm beliver that you can't have a lot of fun if your feet are wet. Waterproof shoes come in all shapes and at all budgets. From wellies to top of the range gore-tex boots what really matters is that they fit, don't rub and grip well enough you don't slip.

Clothing is equally important, cotton and denim take ages to dry and are cold and uncomfortable when wet. Wool and fleece are much better and will keep you warm even when wet so dust off that ugly old woollen jumper and get it on!

Finally a coat is key, a breathable one will stop you feeling too sweaty and they can be had for less that £20, you don't need one capable of summiting Everest!


Wear the right clothes


Get a thermos flask

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot water, squash..... maybe even Bovril? 

A hot drink can take the edge off a cold, wet day outdoors like nothing else. A great way to lift spirits and take a moment of rest when out and about.

On a more serious note, having a hot drink in your bag is a great way to ensure if you or anyone you are with can warm up if they become uncomfortably cold.

Prices start from around £6 and you can even get ones designed to keep food hot.

Keeping your kit dry makes everything easier and no one wants to carry around a backpack full of water.

There are many options available from simply lining your bag with a bin bag, getting a backpack cover or investing in a purpose made dry-bag.

Whichever option you go for it's worth it knowing that your spare clothing, phone and food are all nice and dry and ready to use.

Waterproof your bag


Accept the wet!

It may have been grey, soggy and damp but if you can put a smile on your face, get outdoors and hit the rain head on then I reckon anyone will come back feeling better.

And there is nothing better than a cold, wet walk to make warming up, getting changed, a cup of tea and sitting down feel totally luxurious.

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